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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Message from Marge- January 2012

The end of 2011 is neither an end nor a beginning but a continuation, with all the wisdom and experiences this past year has instilled in us. Upon ending 2011 we open the New Year of 2012 ready to live the adventures and opportunities a new journey offers us. One of the most significant things I have learned over the years is that our small town is like a big family. When one of us celebrates success we all share in the celebration; likewise when one of us has a loss we all share the burden. This is experiencing life in a small town. This reminds me of the statement Hillary Clinton made that it takes a village to raise a child; likewise it takes a small town to live life to its fullness.
Everywhere we look today we are bombarded with the information that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in America. Research shows that 30% of the adult population is overweight. One of our goals here at Schlarman’s Health Center is that if you want to lose weight in 2012, we want to help you achieve that goal naturally. At the beginning of December we had Nell Kozlowski speak to us about an upcoming weight management workshop to be held the first Saturday in January. Burt Goulding, Jr is conducting a half-day workshop focusing on getting off the weight loss see-saw and the secret to permanent weight loss. Burt is a clinical nutritionist and has a 99% success rating of his complete pH balancing protocol. Simply put Burt is brilliant as no other word adequately describes his teachings and dedication in returning the body back to its natural healthy status. Come join us January 7th for the workshop. You need to contact us here at Schlarman’s for registration details at 419-375-2659. Please refer to page 2 for additional information concerning the different aspects to weight loss this workshop has to offer.
Beginning the first Wednesday of January, 1/04/2012, our yoga instructor, Angel, is changing her class time to 5:15 PM. She is also changing the format of the class as each month she will have a specific focus. January’s focus is stress relief and back. The cost is $9.00 per class or $35.00 for the month. This is one way to start your new year off right!
I want to take this opportunity to properly introduce Debbie Wenning to you, our extended family. Debbie comes to Schlarman’s with memories of coming to the store as a child. Her mother and grandmother were customers here!! A side note; she remembers my mother, Malinda and I remember her grandmother, Marie. Debbie went off to college and started her career, married and had three children. Her life’s journey then reintroduced her back to Schlarman’s with her healthy nutritional lifestyle. Debbie brings a business background to us, a family centered focus and she is anticipating new opportunities of growth here at Schlarman’s for her, her family and neighbors in our small town community.
Blessings, Marge